5 Money Myths for Perth Weddings


Money Myth # 1   Prices always increase when it’s for a wedding

Have you ever heard the urban-myth about how prices for things like flowers and cake increase when you mention it’s for a wedding? That golden-oldie raises its ugly head every now and again, and I heard it again last weekend. It made me think about when if have encountered this.  Having been around the wedding-planning block a few times over the years, I’ve met hundreds of wedding suppliers and I can honestly say that this is something I’ve never encountered. I’ve seen a few invoices that have made me raise my eyebrows, but not blatant price hiking purely because it’s for a wedding.  If anything, I find vendors are more likely to give more for a wedding.


Money Myth # 2   Weddings are cheaper in winter

This statement has a small amount of truth in it. A number of venues offer packages to attract winter weddings. You might find that venues offer a discounted room hire fee, or the minimum spend is lower.  There are also some wedding vendors who want to fill up their calendar and might offer a sweet incentive for a booking. However, for most wedding professionals rent, fuel, wages etc still cost the same regardless of the season, hence prices don’t generally drop in winter.


Money Myth # 3   Using only seasonal flowers will save you money

In theory, this is true. If you’re only using flowers that are grown locally at the time of your wedding, then it makes sense that flowers will be cheaper. However, the bulk of flowers are not grown in Perth, and most are imported. Being such an isolate city, we’re subjected to the cost to transport flowers all year round. The best advice I can give you is talk to your florist about the flowers and colours you like, and they will guide you on what flowers are available to suit your budget and style.  Just remember, your bouquet will be in most of your photos so it’s worth the investment!!

Wedding Budget

Money Myth # 4  Serving your cake as dessert will save you money

This one can be true – but only sometimes. If you’re holding your reception at a venue where you have hired caterers (such as a marquee, town hall or your backyard), then you may be able to ask your caterers to cut and serve your wedding cake as dessert, thus saving you having a provide a separate dessert.

This is usually not true if you’re holding your wedding reception at a hotel or restaurant. You may have to reach a minimum spend, in which case this can be reach by including a dessert. You will usually be charged ‘cakeage’ for the staff to cut, plate and serve your cake. The highest cakeage I’ve come across is $12 per person – which can be close to the cost of a desert.


Money Myth # 5   Talking about money kills the romance

Money is never a romantic subject, unless you’ve got lots of it and want to bath in it together.  However, lying awake at night worrying about how you can afford to pay for your wedding will kill any romance between the sheets. Talk about money and talk about it often – leaving time for much more romantic moments x


If you’d like further advice on how to stick to your budget, contact us HERE to for more information on how we can help you.  If you’d like to attend our workshop which focuses on creating a wedding budget that works, contact us with your details and we’ll be in touch with details of the next workshop.


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Watters Trunk Show at Samantha Wynne

Samantha Wynne


For one week only, Samantha Wynne will have exclusive access to the latest Watters range of gorgeous wedding gowns.  Get to see this fabulous range 6 months before the rest of Perth.  This will be a popular event so be sure to lock-in your ticket fast.  Tickets are $35 per person and include a private viewing of the gowns whilst sipping champagne, and 10% off the purchased price of each gown.  Every attendee will also receive fabulous gifts in their VIP goodie bag.  We’ve had a sneak peak at these bags and they are pretty special x

We have 6 complimentary tickets and look forward to organising these consultations for our brides, who will also receive a complimentary Aspic Veil from Samantha Wynne valued at $250.

If you would like to be one of the first bride’s to see this gorgeous collection, click HERE for more information.



Interview with the Expert – Jo from The Cake and I

Interview with the Expert

Your wedding cake is the biggest and most important dessert of your life, so it’s best to find the best baker you can!  When our clients visit us, we generally serve cake by Jo at The Cake and I.  I say generally as sometimes we’ve eaten it all….

If you’re still searching for your perfect wedding cake, you’ll find this issue of Interview with the Expert really useful.  Enjoy x

Wedding Planner Perth



Hi Jo, tell me a little about how it all began.

Growing up on a remote Wheatbelt farm, I quickly learnt how to be self-sufficient and resourceful. Baking was simply a part of everyday life.  I remember using ingredients from our farm to create cakes and desserts for the entire family. It is that farm to plate baking premise that I still use in my commercial kitchen today, which gives my wedding cakes their unique and distinct flavour.  Once my family and friends started to get married, it became clear to me that the wedding cake industry in W.A did not cater for taste, but rather solely focused on aesthetics. As my family and friends tried my cakes, the word spread, and the rest is history!

What does your current role involve?

I am the Creative Director of  The Cake and I.   I am the first point of contact for our couples. I arrange the cake tasting, bookings and design every cake. You will also often find me at the reception sites setting up the cakes and making sure the overall presentation of the wedding cake is on point.

My role also involves overseeing the operational side of the business. Ensuring that the quality of the product is kept to an optimum is my responsibility. I want my couples to have the best possible wedding cake. To ensure this, I source and hand select all of our fresh produce – including eggs from my property!

I am greatly supported by some truly extraordinary individuals. On site we have our dedicated baker Natalie, and our most recent addition – my husband, Scott. He brings his knowledge and experience in construction and engineering, which is essential when we create skyscraper style cakes and use cake swings suspended from the ceiling! 

Thinking about that first appointment with a baker, how can a bride be best prepared?

It’s really helpful if the bride knows whether the cake will be used as dessert, as a favour for the guests to take home, or some of the cake will be saved for their first anniversary for example.  From this information, I’ll know how big or small the cake should be.  Having a sense of the overall style of the wedding is also an integral factor  in the design process.  The cake should be a part of the styling but also a main feature. 

How far ahead should a bride book an appointment with a baker?

The sooner you book an appointment, the more time your baker will have to get creative and work on your masterpiece. We do recommend that if you are planning a wedding for the peak season (March and October), that you book ASAP as we often have little vacancies in this period. I suggest booking up to a year in advance for these peak times and between four and six months in advance for any other time.

Who should the bride bring?

Definitely bring the groom along, this is one appointment he will not want to miss! The cake tasting process is fun but also extremely important. It is with that in mind we suggest you only bring along a few people such as parents or those in the bridal party, as too many varying opinions can confuse the process.

 Do you prefer a bride to have a clear idea of what she wants?

We encourage our brides to come to the initial meeting with an open mind, however having a clear direction of your style can help the discussion. After the initial appointment, most couples will know what style and flavour to go with. 

How many meetings are usually required?

Usually the initial meeting should iron out any uncertainties and any further follow-ups can happen via email or over the phone. We understand our clients all lead busy lives, so we endeavour to do as much as possible to make the couple’s lives easier in the lead up to their wedding. 

Do you work from an image or do you create original designs?

We draw creative inspiration from various sources, however all of our cakes are customised to suit each client’s unique ideas and requests. Our imagination is uninhibited and we handcraft all of our cakes to keep continuity with the rest of the wedding style. 

Do you have any specific advice to give to a bride when searching for a wedding cake designer?

First and foremost the bride needs to feel comfortable that the designer has the skill and craftsmanship to create the cake of her dreams. This means doing some research into the designer’s credentials and portfolio. No two cake artisans have the same style, so investing in some time looking over their social media pages can often point you in the right direction when picking the designer for your project.

Equally important is to check to see if the business has a food licence and confirm your cake will be prepared in a registered commercial kitchen.

What are the key ingredients to a great cake?

For me, it has and always will be the quality of the ingredients. Quality ingredients are the hallmark of our work at The Cake and I. We pride ourselves on using only the freshest produce like limes and lemons from local orchards and free range eggs from our own happy chickens.

I think keeping your cake design simple and elegant often yields the most beautiful results. A really well made Buttercream or Ganache iced cake on an exquisite pedestal with a few freshly cut flowers is just stunning!

Wedding Planners Perth


Thanks Jo for giving us some really useful advice on what to think about when searching for the perfect wedding cake.


If you would like to speak further with Jo, you can find her HERE or call her on 0421 442 191 to arrange a complimentary consultation.


Interview with the Expert – Kirk Goodsell, Marriage Celebrant

Interview with the Expert

Kirk Goodsell


One of the most important vendor in your wedding is your marriage celebrant.  Your celebrant will perform the legal part of your wedding day, and will guide you through the process of creating a unique and meaningful ceremony.  This week, we met with one of our favourite celebrant, Kirk Goodsell, to chat about the role of a celebrant, and how to find the right one for you.  Enjoy this interview x

Tell me a little about yourself and why you became a celebrant.

Kirk – When I was 22 years old I packed my bags and headed for Melbourne to pursue a career in the arts. Arriving in Melbourne I chose not to confine myself to a 9-5 office job wanting flexibility and a chance to enjoy the new city so looked at the possibility of setting up my own business. It was my sister who actually recommended that I become a marriage celebrant. She said then one day you can marry me like how Joey married Monica and Chandler on Friends…! I attended and completed my training and by the age of 23 was a registered and authorised Commonwealth Marriage Celebrant.

What does your current role involve?

Kirk – As a marriage celebrant my role has two main components – firstly to complete the necessary legal paperwork and requirements for marriage in Australia with each couple and secondly, help them to create and write a unique, personal and memorable wedding ceremony which I will present on their wedding day. Being a wedding celebrant really is one of the best jobs in the world! It is my privilege and honour to be part of people’s big day and perform such a significant and memorable role.

Thinking about that first appointment, how can a couple be best prepared?

Kirk – Meeting a celebrant can be a daunting experience for many couples who have never been married before so have no idea what to expect from a celebrant or how to plan a wedding ceremony. You can go in equipped with a list of questions for the celebrant, however, the right celebrant should be able to take you through the whole process and answer all your questions before you have even asked them.  The most important factor to this first meeting is the connection and rapport you build with that celebrant. How does that celebrant make you feel? The right celebrant will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, as well as confident that you not only understand their role in your wedding but that the celebrant understands what type of ceremony you are looking for.

How far before a wedding should a couple book their celebrant?

Kirk – As far in advance as possible! I say that because once a celebrant gets booked for a specific date and time, we are locked in! We can only ever be at one place at one time! Many celebrants get booked even years in advance. Saturdays around the 3-4pm time are extremely popular especially in November and March, the two busiest months of the year for weddings.  If your wedding day and time is not on a Saturday or during a quieter time of the year, you’ll have a greater chance that your preferred celebrant is available.

Would you recommend that a couple should meet more than one celebrant?

Kirk – Yes and no. We all live in a busy world and brides are even busier! So if you meet with a celebrant, you like them and have a great connection, well why waste time meeting another one? But saying that I have absolutely no problem with couples meeting a few celebrants for it’s an incredible personal decision and every celebrant is different. My advice would be, there is no problem seeing a few celebrants for comparison but don’t feel you have to.

What should a couple consider when searching for their celebrant?

Kirk – Whether your ceremony is outside or inside, big or small, long or short, traditional or modern, your celebrant will set the tone and mood of not only your ceremony but your whole day. The ceremony is usually the beginning of the wedding day for your guests so from that first moment when the celebrant gets everyone’s attention, they are creating the atmosphere.  From the way your celebrant talks, interacts, presents themselves and makes you feel, all these factors need to be considered when finding a celebrant. When you find the right celebrant, you’ll know because you’ll feel like you’ve found a friend. Some couples prefer a male celebrant over a female, some young than older; personally I don’t think demographics are relevant. It’s all about the individual rapport and connection.

How many meetings are usually required prior to the wedding day?

Kirk – Every celebrant has their own process for ceremony planning; however, I provide my couples with a wedding ceremony info pack at the first meeting which equips them with everything they need to do and lots of information and inspiration. Included are some questionnaires which they need to complete and return to me. When they return the forms, I will write their ceremony based off their answers and decisions. Then I send them the full ceremony for them to review and provide feedback. At our final meeting we will confirm everything in the ceremony and finalise all details. So we always meet at least twice, sometimes three times; however, I have an open door policy and the couple are welcome to contact me any time via phone and email, and if they feel they need further help, I would never say no to meeting with a couple.

How much involvement should a couple have in the writing of the ceremony?

Kirk – A couple should have complete choice in their ceremony. They should be able to choose everything – from music to readings, vows, rituals etc. I encourage my couples to write their own vows but if the couple prefer to say a standard vow, then that’s fine too. Usually I do most of the ‘writing’ of the ceremony but everything I write is based on what the couple have either told me about themselves or they have chosen.

Do you think a ceremony rehearsal is necessary?

Kirk – Many celebrants do rehearsals and many don’t. I usually don’t have a ‘formal’ onsite rehearsal as such with my couples. I always meet my couples the week before the wedding to confirm all the details and cover some final legal requirements. Civil wedding ceremonies are usually simpler than religious wedding ceremonies which typically insist on a rehearsal. If a bride prefers on a rehearsal, I will happily accommodate but I personally think most brides feel relieved when I tell them that we don’t have to do a rehearsal. Usually it’s very hard logistically organising a time when all their bridal party are free to attend a rehearsal. I tell my couples that as long as you are comfortable with where the bride will enter from and where you are going to stand during the ceremony, I will take care of everything else on the day. Also, if the ceremony is at a venue with a wedding coordinator usually they will run through the ceremony set-up with you when you have your meetings with them at the venue. I arrive 45 minutes before the ceremony which gives me plenty of time to chat and confirm details with the groom, musicians, photographer, venue manager etc.

What are the key ingredients to a meaningful ceremony?

Kirk – It has to be about the couple! There is nothing worse than a ceremony that is just ‘fluff’… A ceremony filled with all this cheesy, impersonal stuff about love, marriage, commitment etc. I mean of course there has to be some of that stuff – it is a wedding ceremony! But ceremonies should be about the couple and their journey – how they met? How they got engaged? Travel stories… How they feel about each other? What annoys them about each other? (This usually generates a lot of laughter on the day!) A ceremony also needs to reflect a couple’s personality. A serious and traditional ceremony just doesn’t work for a really easy-going and light-hearted couple. Therefore, it is important that the celebrant takes the time to learn about the couple but also that the couple open up to the celebrant so both parties understand each other.

What advice do you have for couples to ensure they experience a wonderful wedding ceremony?

Kirk – My first piece of advice for any couples who are getting married outside is that you must not only have a back-up option but have a back-up option that you are happy with. If you have a back-up option that you really like then you won’t stress as much about using it nor be as disappointed if you actually have to use it on the day.

The second and greatest piece of advice is try your hardest to keep perspective throughout the process and especially on the day. We all want the perfect wedding day. We don’t want anything to go wrong. But remember a wedding is one day; a marriage is a lifetime. We have weddings because we want that lifelong commitment. Be grateful that you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The happiest of brides I’ve encountered are ones that adopt a ‘what will be, will be’ approach. Be as organised and prepared as you can leading up to the day and then just go with whatever happens on the day.

Any special advice on dealing with wedding-day nerves?

Kirk – Just the simple things …make sure you eat, drink water, and don’t drink too much alcohol before the ceremony. Sure have a glass of bubbly as you are getting ready but there is plenty of time for drinking at the reception! Also, try to minimise stress on the actual day. Get everything organised and dropped off beforehand so that on the day all you have to do is get ready. The most relaxed couples are ones who have usually had plenty of time to get ready, maybe had breakfast with their bridal party in a hotel, went out for coffee etc. – something relaxing before the big afternoon and night ahead!

What should a couple expect to pay for the services of a celebrant?

Kirk – A celebrant’s fee is a hotly debated topic amongst brides and celebrants! To get married at the WA Registry Office costs approximately $400.  No celebrant should charge under $400. Anything less is undervaluing the celebrancy profession. I would say the average price for a celebrant is around $600 (which in all honestly, is too low considering the significant role that your celebrant plays in your wedding). The higher end of the market is around $800-$1000. Some celebrants have set rates and some have different rates depending on the day and time of the week. I offer slightly less for a weekday wedding; however, some celebrants see it as the same level of work (which in reality it is) so charge the same price. Like anything you get what you pay for!

My advice here is when looking at your celebrant’s fee; consider how much you are spending on other parts of your wedding. Some brides won’t blink an eye at spending thousands for flowers but want a celebrant for $500.  Finally many celebrants become ‘friends of the family’… I have had some families where I have done weddings, funerals, renewal of vows and baby naming’s all for the one family. So the right celebrant is a good lifelong investment!!

Any other tips or info that you would like to pass onto our brides?

Kirk’s Top Tips;

All celebrants should;

  • provide a PA system with music playing capabilities
  • give you complete choice in your ceremony
  • devise a personal and unique ceremony for you
  • make you understand the wedding ceremony process both from a legal perspective and a creative one
  • present themselves in a professional, polite and approachable manner
  • make you feel incredibly excited to get married!!!!

To read more about Kirk and his services, please click HERE.


Your Wedding Coach – 9 reasons to love this!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of planning your wedding, but still want to be really hands on, then consider our coaching and mentoring program.  It’s designed specifically for women who are a bit ‘stuck’ with their wedding plans, and need guidance and our expert advice.


Wedding Planner Perth


We’ve put together 9 reasons why  ‘Your Wedding Coach’ will help you make the right decisions for you and your budget, ending the chaos and guiding you towards fun and calm wedding planning!


~ Your will receive a unique planning package with a budget breakdown so you know what you can spend on each item such a photography, transport, DJ, videographers, etc

~ We’ll create a personalised planning schedule so you know what to book and when

~ We will research and prepare a customised directory of hand-picked vendors based on your budget and style so you can choose the best wedding vendors for you

~ Your Wedding Coach will always be on call to answer any questions and provide personalised assistance

~ Monthly contact and regular progress meetings with Your Wedding Coach gives us a chance to give you personalised advice and help

~ Wedding Styling and Design Consultation is included, where we help you create a 100% never-seen-before wedding day

~ We will confirm all final arrangements and create a wedding day schedule for you

~ No need for you to lift a finger on the day, as we’ll even be there to oversee the setup of your wedding ceremony and reception

~ The total cost of this unique service is only $4990 which is paid in monthly installments to help with your budgeting


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of planning your wedding, or if your wedding plans just aren’t coming together, contact us here to arrange a chat at our office in Perth or call us on 08 9228 8143. We’re here to help!

Jenn and team x


Interview with the Expert – Rebecca Williams from Pallas Couture


Interview with the Expert


Finding your perfect wedding gown is a rite of passage that all women encounter when planning their wedding.  It’s the most magical experience, and can be the most anticipated part of your entire wedding.  To help you be relaxed and prepared for your first dress appointment, we’ve chatted with Rebecca Williams from Pallas Couture – the international experts in couture gowns.

Enjoy x

Perth Wedding Planner


Hello Rebecca, thanks so much for joining me here today!  Can you start perhaps by telling me a little about your role at Pallas Couture?

I work very closely with our design director Joy Morris in all creative and branding decisions for the company.  This involves working with brides to create their dream wedding gowns, overseeing the design and feeling of the Pallas Couture Collection each season, styling our photo-shoots, running the social media and managing the Pallas Couture brand internationally. I have just come back from a very successful New York Bridal Fashion Week and off to London next month. Very exciting times at the moment!

So jealous of your job Rebecca!  What should a bride know if she’s considering contacting Pallas Couture?

We are a haute couture bridal house. Every gown is designed and made exclusively for each bride and her wedding day needs. With this mind, when a bride comes into the Pallas Couture studio, it is important for them to focus on the shape of their wedding gown instead of the embellishment (lace, beading etc.…). Once this has been selected, we can help then transform that silhouette into their dream wedding dress.   It’s also important to know that couture gowns are extremely involved with a lot of detail and require months of work – don’t leave it too late to book an appointment ladies!

What are the main reasons why so many brides desire a couture gown?

It’s the ability to create a one-of-a-kind gown that is exactly what the bride is looking for.  A wedding is one of the most memorable moments of a woman’s life so it is imperative that the gown reflects her style and look for the day.  At Pallas Couture we think it is very important for the bride to add her own personality to the gown and we love collaborating with them to design the perfect gown for HER – and only her.  The fit is also very important – nothing compares to having a gown made to your exact measurements. A Pallas Couture gown will fit you like a glove and feel beautiful.

We meet many brides who are considering investing in a couture gown.  What advice can you give these brides?

Book an appointment between 9 and 12 months before your wedding day, if at all possible. Pick only two or three designers that you feel you gravitate towards and choose the one you feel understands your vision and you feel comfortable working with. Having an haute couture wedding gown made for you is a once in a lifetime experience so you need to feel an immediate affinity and trust with the people you will be working with.  It is advisable to book an appointment 2 to 4 weeks in advance so you have the luxury of a choice of days and times available.

Two important questions – who should she bring and what should she wear?

Sometimes on the first appointment it can be very beneficial to come alone or with one trusted friend or family member so that you can listen to your instincts and not be too influenced by other varying opinions. Nude coloured underwear always works best under our beautiful silk and lace fabrics.

Do you prefer a bride to bring pictures of what she likes?

It is often best to come to your first appointment with an open mind, but if you do have some images of inspiration or a clear idea of shape and fabric that you wish to share, this can be useful to point your wedding stylist in the right direction.  It’s
 important that we have an idea of the location of the wedding and the time of year so we can offer our expert advice to make sure the wedding gown not only fits perfectly to the personality and body of the bride but also reflects its surroundings.  Most brides have an idea of what suits their body shape, however they have never tried on a wedding gown before. Try styles you would not normally try as you could surprise yourself.

Rebecca, I’d love to talk about the creative process of designing the gown.  How many appointments are usually required and how long does it take to make the gown?

Once the silhouette has been determined and a clear vision of the design, a toile is made to the exact measurements and proportions of the bride. A further four to five fittings will follow to obtain the perfect fit a Couture dress offers.  
 Every dress is different depending on the complexity of the fit to the body and the extent of the hand embellishment. Sometimes we have to produce gowns very quickly for brides in extreme circumstances but there’s a minimum of six months needed to make the gown, and we book in appointments for the fittings ten months in advance — but no earlier.

We frequently get asked if it is possible to make alterations to the design of the gown throughout the process?

The beauty of having a haute couture wedding gown is that the bride is included every step of the way. At the toile fitting all the major adjustments to the design can be made such as lowering a neckline or adding a strap or sleeve.

So the bride chooses the lace and embellishments?

Absolutely!!  We have an extensive and exclusive collection of the highest quality of fabrics and laces from around the world. We will advise our brides to consider the drape of the gown when choosing the fabrics and each bride will meet with our skilled hand embellishers to determine where the lace is to be placed (if lace is to be part of the design). This is what makes each dress we make so individual – no two dresses are the same.

It sounds like a fun and rewarding project.  How many people are involved in the creation and production of the dress?

Up to eight people are involved in the creation and production of a Pallas Haute Couture gown. It all starts with the designer whose inspiration is translated by the pattern cutter. The pattern is then sized by a Couturier who fits the toile and then a skilled fabric cutter turns the toile into the fabric of the dress. A seamstress will then sew the dress and finally the embellishers (of which there can be two or three working on a gown at any one time) will painstakingly place and hand sew lace onto the gown. Our production manager who is present at every fitting will oversee all of this.  All Pallas Couture gowns are made on premises by our Couturiers who use their many, many years of experience to deliver a gown perfect in fit and crafted to the highest standards.

As we keep track of wedding budgets, I’d like to touch on cost.  What is the general starting point for a Pallas gown?

A Pallas Couture gown starts at $10,000


The top tips from this Interview with the Expert;


  • Wedding Planner PerthChoose a gown that you love, not what you think everyone else will love.
  • Go for something a little different and to listen to your heart.
  • Don’t over do it – less is definitely more.
  • Have an open mind during the design process
  • Plan your appointments in advance



First meeting with a Wedding Planner

To some brides if feels like the most natural step to engage a wedding planner. It’s the biggest day if your life so it seems obvious to hire a professional.  However, for other brides it can feel a bit daunting to invite someone you don’t know to be part of your wedding plans.  Thanks to those wonderful reality TV shows, who could be blamed for thinking that we’re a bunch of high heeled, slightly crazy, extravagant women who talk too much and spend too much of your money.  The bit about talking too much might be true.. but in reality we are team of energetic and creative woman, who are compelled to be involved in weddings and work hard behind the scenes to make you the happiest woman alive on your wedding day.

For those engaged ladies contemplating meeting a wedding planner for the first time, we thought we’d let you know the basics of what you can expect during your first consultation with us at our office in Perth.

wedding planner office


To begin with, we’ll make you a coffee or pour you something bubbly, and cut some cake (we always have cake).

From this point, the discussion will take it’s own path.  We’ll ask you a few questions to get started, but mainly we’ll listen.  It’s good for us to listen as we’ve planned many, many weddings, but not your wedding.  You might have so many styling ideas and the biggest Pinterest account in history, or you’ll say that you just want a beautiful wedding but don’t quite know how to make that happen.

You might know that you need as much help as humanly possible, or you really want to do most of the planning by yourself, with a little direction from us.  Either way, that’s fine.

After a while we’ll have a much greater idea of how we can help to ease your stress and make the planning and styling of your wedding day so much fun.  With this in mind, we chat about how we can help you and discuss our appropriate fee.

At the end of our meeting you should feel excited, energised and relaxed all at the same time, and ready to start planning your wedding.

Making an appointment with us is really easy.  We are here from Monday to Saturday from 9am until late.  Call us on 92288143 or pop your details HERE.  Let’s begin x



Interview with the Expert – How to find your Wedding Videographer



Design_ElementsInterview with the Expert Design_Elements


When we start planning a wedding, we have a ‘discovery’ meeting with our couple.  We’re on a fact finding mission to discover what a wedding day actually means to our couple; their priorities and their ‘non-negotiables’.  For many clients, food and good wine feature high on the list of priorities, for others it’s the photography or the styling.  We need to know this information to create a planning schedule, and prepare a budget.  We always talk about videography.  We believe a videographer or cinematographer should be part of every wedding dream team.  The only way to truly capture the sound and movement of your wedding day is through video.  Regret at not having a wedding video is common, but hindsight is a great thing!

Today, I invited Natalie from The Auburn Hour Film co to visit our office.  I wanted to discuss what makes a great videographer or cinematographer, and get the expert tips on how to find the perfect wedding videographer. There are so many wedding video companies in Perth, and I hope the below Expert Interview helps you to find the perfect videographer for you.

Happy Planning x



Hi Natalie – thanks so much for joining me here today!  Can you start perhaps by telling me a little about you and what led you to where you are now?

Hey Jenn!  Well I run the show over at
The Auburn Hour Film co.  We create genuine, unique films for couples looking for something short and sweet, but entirely awesome.  I’ve always loved film, but I was cringing even at the thought of having something as overly-sentimental and awkward as the cookie-cutter (ok lets face it – TACKY!) films I was finding for my own wedding!   I decided to start my own business, making the kind of fun, adventurous and stylised films I would want if I was the bride and I’ve never looked back! I’ve never been happier than when I’m putting together an edit, seeing all the love and laughter from the day coming together into one awesome little punch-in-the-face film that you’ll never get tired of watching.

We help couples find their perfect videographer, and you’ve been a great choice for many of our clients.  I’d love to know what advice you would give our readers on finding the perfect videographer;

I guess it’s really important to know what it is that you want from the video. Is there a certain style of cinematography that attracts you that will match the feeling you’re trying to achieve for your day? Are you looking for something fun and adventurous, or clean and romantic – are you looking for something traditional or something new and exciting?  The best place to start is always to ask your wedding planner or stylist. They already have years of experience working with different video companies and know who is reliable, who will fit your budget and who can work perfectly to capture the style of your day.  If you don’t have a planner, or if you just want to have a browse for some alternatives to see what’s out there, definitely give some wedding fairs a go.  Some kick ass fairs that I would highly recommend are First Comes Love, One Fine Day and Wedding Upmarket.
There are usually some great film companies in Online magazine directories as well. Find a magazine or blog that matches your style – Hello May, White Mag, Hooray – and you’ll find vendors with a similar style and hopefully someone who clicks.  At The Auburn Hour we get a lot of our clients recommended to us by wedding stylists, photographers and previous couples who have told their friends about us – which we love because we get to party with them again at their friend’s wedding!

Thinking about that first appointment, how can a couple be best prepared when they meet with a videographer?

First off, throw out all of those ‘Top 10 Questions to ask the photographer/videographer” lists that you got off of Pinterest. It’s great to have questions, and to want to be informed, but those pre-made lists usually aren’t asking any of the right questions. “How long have you been filming weddings for?” – I could say 2 years or 2 months but it wouldn’t change the quality of my work. Use this opportunity to instead get a sense for your videographer’s professionalism, their demeanour and to see if you actually get along with them since they are going to be attached to your hip for your entire wedding day!

If you’re going out of your way to have a meeting with this videographer, the best way to get the most out of it is to be as familiar with their work as you can – don’t just watch one video, watch a couple. If you know they offer different video lengths, check those out too so you can walk in with a reasonable idea of what you’re liking the look of the most.
The most useful questions will be about getting a better sense for their approach on your actual wedding day – for example, should you allocate time during the location shoot specifically for video after the photographer has got a few shots, or will they just hang back and pipe up if they need anything?  Also chat about their packages and ask questions about anything you don’t understand.

How far ahead should they book an appointment?

Keep in mind that videographers usually won’t secure your date until a deposit has been made and they very well might have other enquiries for the same date come up (especially during summer) so once you’ve decided that you love their work and you’re ready to finesse the details at a meeting, try to lock it in pretty quickly or you might lose the date to someone else!

Should they bring anything with them to this first meeting?

Bring only good vibes and chocolate bribes.

How far ahead should a couple book their videographer?

It varies from videographer to videographer – wedding videos are only half of my business so I don’t tend to book more than 8-9 months in advance, but other companies will book 2+ years in advance. There’s no harm emailing around to check even if your wedding isn’t for 2 years, but most videographers tend to be pretty booked on popular dates by the 6 month mark.

Should they meet with more than one videographer?

There’s no harm in meeting with more than one videographer if you’re not sold on any one in particular. Meetings are for exactly that – you’ve seen the final product but you want a more in depth look at who they are and if you’re going to be the right fit to work together on the most important day of your life.

What should couples consider when comparing videographers?

When looking at different videographers there are a few key points of difference that might influence your final choice. 1. Make sure the style and feel of their videos match what you want for your film. 2. Different companies have different packages – compare to make sure you are getting what you want. 3. Compare prices – but keep in mind you get what you pay for! 4. Make sure you understand their approach – will they have heaps of cameras all over the place getting in the photographer’s way and cramping your style or will they be less obtrusive with only one or two and know when to back off?

What advice do you have for couples to ensure they experience a wonderful wedding day?

Relax. Relax. Relax. Your day should actually be awesome – not just look awesome. You’ve spent a lot of money on this day – make sure you enjoy the hell out of it!  It can be a little unnerving to have a bunch of cameras in your face all day – even only one photographer and one videographer is still two more than most people are used to. This is where your connection with your photographer and videographer will really come into play – if you’re comfortable in their presence you’ll usually find it a lot easier to let go of insecurity and embrace your time in the spotlight to get those awesome shots together! Try not to sweat the small stuff – we won’t include anything of you looking unflattering and you’ll usually get a chance to review your video and request changes if there is anything you don’t like anyway.
Embrace the adventure!

Let’s talk about money.  In your opinion, what do you think couples should expect to pay for an expert wedding videographer?

There are a range of pricing options but for an experienced videographer you should be looking to spend at minimum $3000 for basic packages, on average around $5000 for something more comprehensive with additional videographers on the day, full length speeches/ceremony, longer edits etc. You can find cheaper and you can find more expensive, but generally the price is reflective of the quality and the experience you’ll have on the day and during the editing process.


Natalie Hind


A HUGE thanks to Natalie from The Auburn Hour Film co for giving up her time to visit us!





The top tips from this Interview with the Expert;

  • seek recommendations from your wedding planner or stylist
  • visit a few wedding expos
  • do your research before meeting a videographer – watch a few of their videos and read through their packages
  • it’s ok to meet more than one videographer – make sure they meet your style
  • look for a good connection with your videographer – they’ll be with you most of your wedding day
  • don’t’ sweat the small stuff – they’ll edit the video to show only the amazing scenes!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Interview with the Expert.  If you found this interview helpful, please share it:)  We have more fabulous and helpful interviews coming soon.  Sign up HERE to receive our regular newsletter.  If you’d like further help to find your perfect videographer, or need help with the planning or styling of your wedding, then browse through our website and our real weddings.  Contact us HERE to arrange a time to visit us for a coffee and a chat.  We’d love to know more about your wedding plans – or lack of them!

Happy Planning x




Jenn Veza – advice for Business Owners entering the 40under40 Awards

Hello brides and business owners!  I’ve been nominated for a few business awards over the last ten years but I’ve never followed through with the submission.  It’s all very exciting when you’re told you’ve been nominated, but that soon evaporates when you realise that being nominated means more work!  Running a growing business doesn’t leave a lot of time to think about writing a submission, but as this is my last year before I turn 40, it was now or never to win a 40 Under 40 award!

Winning this award was truly a highlight of my career.  I’ve always been extremely passionate about my business – it’s never been a hobby and something to do until I get a ‘real’ job.  Even when I worked from home when my kids were babies, I was deadly serious about growing my business and learning as much as I could about running a successful business.

Since winning the award, I have met so many talented and successful business owners.  It’s encouraged me to continue to grow and diversify my business, and share my knowledge with others. If you are nominated for an award, give it your best and good luck x

Here’s a video taken during the Awards Evening.

Jenn x

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