We’ve put together a collection of the most commonly asked questions.  If you have a query that we haven’t covered, please contact us HERE – we’d love to answer it for you.

wedding planner or wedding stylist – what is the difference?

a Wedding Planner will manage the logistical side of your wedding – what needs to be booked and when, what time should vendors arrive, has everything been paid?  A Wedding Stylist will go on a journey of discovery with you to create a vision that mirrors the wedding you’ve always dreamed of!  Here at The Original Wedding Company, we are very lucky as we are experienced and trained in both professions.

how do you charge – per hour or do you charge a percentage of the budget?

we have set fees which are agreed upon before we undertake any work with you. Most of our packages have a set fee which may change should more staff or travel be required.   We do not base our fees on how much you will spend on your wedding or how many guests you will have.

what is the lowest budget that you will work with?

easy question to answer; we don’t have a minimum budget.

where are our meetings held?

we have a gorgeous office at 84 Brewer Street, Perth, where you will be welcomed with a coffee and something sweet.

how many people will you provide for my wedding?

this will be based on the size and scale of your wedding. For most weddings there will be 2 wedding planners, plus a team of stylists and florists.

how long have you been a wedding planning and styling company?

feels like only yesterday but was actually 9  years ago n 2006.  How time flies when you are having fun.

do you offer wedding planning and styling in Margaret River or overseas?

absolutely. We have a fabulous network of vendors in Margaret River, and have planned and styled numerous wedding there over the years.  We also have experience in planning weddings in Bali, New Zealand and Fiji.

what happens at our first meeting?

lots of talking and listening. We like to get to know you a little and learn about your wedding plans so far.  For more information you might like to click here to read a blog article

how much do I pay for our initial consultation?

zero. zilch. nothing.  It’s free with our compliments.

do you have a list of vendors that you only work with or can I make suggestions?

we have a comprehensive list of the best vendors in Perth. Each vendor has absolutely amazed us with their product or service, and has thrilled our past couples with the best customer service ever – no exceptions. However, we welcome any suggestions you may have or vendors you have already booked.

do you receive payments from vendors for referring us to them?

definitely not.  Our fees are based on a fair price for our work therefore kickbacks are not required.

what happens to the discounts you receive from vendors?

they are passed on to you every time.

do I have to pay your fee in full straight away?

no. A deposit is appreciated for us to save the date for you.  We offer payment instalments for all packages.

I’m really enjoying planning my wedding – do you offer intern ships or work experience?

we certainly do. Please send your resume and covering letter to Jenn at jenn(@)orginalwedding.com.au


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