5 Money Myths for Perth Weddings


Money Myth # 1   Prices always increase when it’s for a wedding

Have you ever heard the urban-myth about how prices for things like flowers and cake increase when you mention it’s for a wedding? That golden-oldie raises its ugly head every now and again, and I heard it again last weekend. It made me think about when if have encountered this.  Having been around the wedding-planning block a few times over the years, I’ve met hundreds of wedding suppliers and I can honestly say that this is something I’ve never encountered. I’ve seen a few invoices that have made me raise my eyebrows, but not blatant price hiking purely because it’s for a wedding.  If anything, I find vendors are more likely to give more for a wedding.


Money Myth # 2   Weddings are cheaper in winter

This statement has a small amount of truth in it. A number of venues offer packages to attract winter weddings. You might find that venues offer a discounted room hire fee, or the minimum spend is lower.  There are also some wedding vendors who want to fill up their calendar and might offer a sweet incentive for a booking. However, for most wedding professionals rent, fuel, wages etc still cost the same regardless of the season, hence prices don’t generally drop in winter.


Money Myth # 3   Using only seasonal flowers will save you money

In theory, this is true. If you’re only using flowers that are grown locally at the time of your wedding, then it makes sense that flowers will be cheaper. However, the bulk of flowers are not grown in Perth, and most are imported. Being such an isolate city, we’re subjected to the cost to transport flowers all year round. The best advice I can give you is talk to your florist about the flowers and colours you like, and they will guide you on what flowers are available to suit your budget and style.  Just remember, your bouquet will be in most of your photos so it’s worth the investment!!

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Money Myth # 4  Serving your cake as dessert will save you money

This one can be true – but only sometimes. If you’re holding your reception at a venue where you have hired caterers (such as a marquee, town hall or your backyard), then you may be able to ask your caterers to cut and serve your wedding cake as dessert, thus saving you having a provide a separate dessert.

This is usually not true if you’re holding your wedding reception at a hotel or restaurant. You may have to reach a minimum spend, in which case this can be reach by including a dessert. You will usually be charged ‘cakeage’ for the staff to cut, plate and serve your cake. The highest cakeage I’ve come across is $12 per person – which can be close to the cost of a desert.


Money Myth # 5   Talking about money kills the romance

Money is never a romantic subject, unless you’ve got lots of it and want to bath in it together.  However, lying awake at night worrying about how you can afford to pay for your wedding will kill any romance between the sheets. Talk about money and talk about it often – leaving time for much more romantic moments x


If you’d like further advice on how to stick to your budget, contact us HERE to for more information on how we can help you.  If you’d like to attend our workshop which focuses on creating a wedding budget that works, contact us with your details and we’ll be in touch with details of the next workshop.


Image via Easy Weddings