Choosing the right wedding planner for you

Choosing a wedding planner is not always an easy decision.  There are no regulations behind setting up a wedding planning business, and certainly no ‘must have’ accreditation.  It’s a career choice that many girls make when they’ve just been married, or studied an online course and feel an affinity to weddings and all things bridal.  From what I’ve seen over the last 8 years, only a few have the business skills and acumen to create a full time business, and even fewer go on to build a solid business with integrity and superior customer satisfaction.

For the most part, being a wedding planner propels you into another woman’s wedding dream while keeping a close eye on her expenditure and executing a well-planned event.  I still feel amazed and humble that so many couples and their families place absolute trust in my team to create the perfect wedding experience.  I don’t think that feeling will ever go away.

Wedding planners have received such bad press recently due to the alleged activities of a wedding planner right here in Perth and also one in Queensland.  I’ve seen a change in our online enquires and questions from brides when they come to our office.  It appears the recent bad press and alleged behavior of a few have led brides to become more concerned about choosing the best wedding planner for them.

As a leading expert in Wedding Planning, I’ve put together a few pointers to help you on your way to find that perfect planner to make the next few months stress-free and lots of fun.

Portfolio please!

A professional wedding planner will have a history of fabulous events.  Once you’ve stalked your potential planner on Facebook and Instagram, search the internet for the wedding planner’s name and the business name.  An experienced and expert planner will have lots of articles and references on the internet, as well as testimonials from past brides.  This can give you a great picture of the success and experience of the wedding planner.  Also speak to other vendors.  Word of mouth can sometimes tell you much more than the internet.  Remember, experience is essential.  There is no substitute.

Professional or hobby wedding planner?

The availability of your wedding planner is paramount.  Are they able to meet on weekends or evenings?  Are they available during business hours when you have a day off work?  Do they attend to your emails and phone calls in a timely fashion?  A wedding planner who is limited in their availability due to having another job can cause problems when you need to see them during the day, or they need to contact suppliers for you.  For a few wedding planners, this is their full-time job and their office hours are usually 9 to 5, with availability during evenings and weekends.

Nice to meet you!

A face to face meeting with your potential wedding planner is essential.  It’s absolutely vital that you get a good vibe from your planner and actually like them as not only are you trusting them with a very important task, but you will be spending lots of time with them!  Does the planner appear organized and confident?  Do you feel that they have listened to your ideas?  A visit to their office for a coffee and a chat can also help you to determine the success and experience of their business, and a chance to meet the rest of the team.

How much?

A simple and transparent fee structure is essential.  You don’t want any surprises just before your wedding day.  Your planner will be able to clearly explain any fees and charges you will incur, and may let you pay in installments making budgeting a lot easier.  Wedding planners don’t cost the earth, but remember you get what you pay for.

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