How To Find Your Colour Palette

Have you always envisioned an all-white wedding wonderland, or a pastel pink floral dream? Can you clearly imagine how you want your wedding to be styled? If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, then you’re not alone. Many couples who come to see us have a vague idea of what they’d like, but many just really don’t know where to start.

When we’re engaged by new clients, the colour palette is the very first item on our list. Colour has a huge effect on the overall vibe of a space, and we want our couples to explore a bit further than their favorite colour and what they’ve saved on their Pinterest board.

A wedding colour palette is key to a strong wedding brand; an authentic wedding that is effortlessly designed with intention. The colours you choose should flow through every aspect of your day, from your bridal party attire, to your flowers, furniture, styling items and candles.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you select a colour palette that’s right for you:


There are certain colours that we associate with different seasons. We have just finished Autumn here in Perth, and you would have seen trees with auburn, crimson and burnt orange leaves, These deep, bold colours naturally evoke the feeling of warmth and comfort. If you’re having a wedding between the months of May to August, include autumnal colours at your dining table to make guests feel at home. If you’re having a wedding in Spring, you might choose a more vibrant and ‘fresh’ colour palette of paler greens, and pastels.


Are you getting married at a venue with ocean, river, vineyard, or city views? Is your reception going to be open-air, a marquee, a heritage listed building or a grand ballroom? Take note of your surroundings and look at colour palettes that work in harmony with your space. Does your venue have a red carpet? Consider including a red tone. Are you having an open air dining table by the river? Include some natural colours. Does your venue overlook a vineyard that will have fresh green vines at the time of your wedding? Bring some of that outside in and include fresh green foliage in your styling.

Your Personal Style

What colours are you naturally drawn to? Is your wardrobe mostly monochrome, or do you love a splash of colour? Is your home styled with white walls and subtle design features, or do you love a bold feature wall and extravagant décor pieces? Your wedding should feel like you, so we encourage you to incorporate your own style. We also want you to think about the places that truly inspire you and where you are most happy. This could be a holiday destination or your favorite bar or restaurant – take note of the colours that show here and how they make you feel.


We always like to include a textural piece in our colour palettes. Considering the elements listed above, there might also be a texture that keeps coming up for you. If you’re having a vineyard wedding, and your favorite piece of furniture is your hand crafted wooden side  table, then a wooden element in your colour palette will feel like a good fit.  If your reception is in a grand ballroom with chandeliers, and you love your gold vase collection, then you should look at including a metallic gold in your palette.

Think Tonal

Our last piece of advice is – think tonal. Incorporating various tones of the one colour is far better than trying to colour match every single element to your palette. Not only will your styling feel more well rounded and intentional, but you will save yourself hours of trying to match the perfect colour blue for your bridesmaid dresses, napkins and candles:)

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