Interview with an Expert – Dilhari Mahiepala

Being a marriage is celebrant is more than over-seeing the legalities and making sure you say ‘I Do’ in the right spot. A great celebrant will make your guests feel welcome and included in this amazing experience. A great celebrant will bring the right amount of humour, humility and sincerity. A great celebrant will encourage you to be free and expressive with your feelings, and create a ceremony that has your personality stamped all over it. Dilhari ticks all these boxes, and then add a few more of her own.

She is everything you need at your wedding ceremony. She’s the calm and excited face you want to see on your wedding day. She’ll make you smile without even saying a word, and she’ll make sure that all you have to think about is your love and the magnificent promise you’re about to make.

The word ‘unique’ doesn’t quite cut it for Dilhari; she’s more than that. I encourage you to get to know her a little, and maybe she can make your wedding day even more fabulous x

Q.  Can you please give a brief description of yourself and your business?

A.  My name is Dilhari and I’m the pint sized Marriage Celebrant behind Kiss Me You Fool; based in sunny Perth (but happy to roam far and wide). I’m also a part-time lawyer, wife, mum of 3 boys and 1 fur child and RNB music and cake addict.  I’m all about encouraging people to have the kind of wedding day that rocks from start to finish; none of this waiting for the reception to celebrate – we kick it off from the very beginning and keep those party vibes high. 

Q.  What led you to becoming a wedding celebrant?

A.  My close friends (actually like family, “framily”) were getting married and they wanted someone of a similar age to be the one hitching them.  So … they asked me and with bright eyes and a ton of eagerness I said yes.  Then … that love bug hit hard and I couldn’t stop.  Here we are eight years later and I still can’t over being the ultimate cheerleader of love. 

Q.  What is your favourite thing about being a wedding celebrant?

A.  My favourite thing would hands down have to be getting the chance to be part of people’s lives, if even for a little while. It’s the opportunity to soak up new stories, new cultures, new people and bundle that all up into an extraordinary moment and hold space for a couple and their tribe.  There is no greater privilege. 

Q.  What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

A.  Ooooh, that’s a tough one. There’s so many things that I want to put down but the one thing that I MUST is … “personal vows”.  I know that a lot of couples are terrified at the thought of public speaking.  But trust me when I say, personal vows make your ceremony next level spectacular; no matter what is said.  And that public … well they are your tribe, so you could stand up there and say one sentence and they will still love it.  PERSONAL VOWS ALL THE WAY!

Q.  How far away from their wedding should a couple book you?

A.  Well … at the moment with dates being snapped up faster than you can say “wedding”, I would say AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Once you have your date and venue all squared away, I would put locking in your celebrant towards the top of that wedding planning list.  Remember, a lot of celebrants only take one booking per day depending on time and location.  As much as want to do ALL the weddings, we just physically can’t.  We are solo packages.  So, if you have your eye set on someone, get cracking on making an enquiry so you don’t miss out on them.  [Side note – you need to sign a Notice of Intended Marriage a maximum of 18 months and a minimum of 1 month before your wedding date so keep that in mind.  We need at least a month so don’t leave it until the day before].

Q.  Why do you love working with a wedding stylist?

A.  This ones soooo easy to answer.  I mean, they not only makes this look spectacular, make things run smoothly, bring wedding visions to life and nut out all those fine details.  But what they do that surpasses all that is … they take ALL the stress away from the amazing couple.  I know this small, but it’s the pinnacle of getting someone like The Original Wedding Company on board.  They free up your time to focus on the most important thing – YOU TWO and enjoying your day from start to finish.  That’s why I love working with a stylist because they put those grins back on the faces of the people getting hitched. 

Q.  What do you love to do in your spare time? I love to LAUGH. Well, that and spend time with my amazing family and friends doing anything and everything, exercising, reading, movies, dancing, meditating, planning parties, writing, writing and more writing (love to blog, write short stories that I do nothing with) watch the Bachelor and it’s many other offshoot shows and realise how ridiculously sane I am (that’s always a nice reminder) and recently started bouldering. Scurrying up walls is surprisingly therapeutic and definitely works the body and the mind. 

Q.  Where do you find your inspiration?

A.  My main inspo comes directly from two sources (1) my couples because it’s their stories that give me that inspo I crave. I become part of a couple’s relationship for a while (in a totally non creepy stalkerish way of course) and I just soak up as much about them as I can in order to given them the most authentic ceremony possible.   (2) from the world around me specifically music, movies and literature.  There’s so much love gold in what I read, watch and listen to and it makes for great content when crafting a ceremony and bringing all those feels. 

Q.  What piece of advice would you like to give to newly engaged couples?

A.  I would remind them that in this wedding planning adventure they are embarking on, they will have opinions, views, preferences and suggestions all thrown at them on how their day should look and what it should include.  A lot of it will be awesome and most with the best of intentions. Just remember though, to keep bringing it back to one important criteria – what is it that YOU TWO WANT and what will make YOU TWO enjoy this day as much as you can.  It’s so easy to get swept up.  Don’t lose sight of why you are doing this. 

Q.  Do you have a motto that you live by? 

A.  “You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out”.  I really love that one.  For years all I wanted to do was blend in.  Then I realised, there was no point.  Sometimes, you just gotta let that inner crazy, quirky, nutty girl just shine.  I feel that way about my couples and their weddings.  Why do what everyone else is.  MAKE IT FABULOUS! 

A huge thank you to Dilhari for taking the time to be interviewed for ELEVATE. If you’re searching for Wedding Celebrant who who wants to be there just as much as you,  then top of your list should be the very wonderful Dilhari from Kiss Me You Fool

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