Interview with an Expert – Lala from Lala Design

It’s no secret, that Lala, the owner of Lala Design, is one of the most aspiring and hard-working business owners in Perth. Her focus on creating a beautiful experience for her clients is only topped by the amazing wedding products that she designs and creates.

Her energy is contagious, as is her laugh. I hope you enjoy this interview with Perth’s own Stationery Queen, Lala.

Q.  Hey Lala, I’ve worked with you and your beautiful designs for a few years now, can you tell me a little about your business?

A.  Sure! Lala Design started in 2003 from my love of stationery. We are known for creating unique and thoughtful bespoke wedding stationery for our couples. Our focus is always on our customer’s experience and journey with us.

Q.  What led you to owing a stationery business?

A.  I was helping a friend plan her wedding and I noticed that back then, there was a lack of suppliers that specialised in wedding stationery and who also excelled in customer service. I knew that I could make choosing your wedding stationery a much better experience by listening to the needs of my clients, and creating designs that would just blow them away.

Q.  What is your favourite thing about wedding stationery?

A.  So many things, hard to pick one, but I love the creative journey. Working with the couple to bring in elements that are unique to them and their style.  

Q.  What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

A.  I love the vows, the ceremony part. That’s the real part of wedding for me. I often watch the wedding videos of my clients and there’s never a dry eye in the house!

Q.  How far away from their wedding should a couple book you?

A.  Most of couples booked me from Save the dates all way to thank you cards. That is about 1.5 years before the wedding date. Just for invites, book me 6 months before your wedding date. We do get booked up way in advance so never be afraid that it’s too early to contact me!

Q.  I’ve heard you say that you love working with a Wedding Stylist. Tell me more about this!

A.  Working with a wedding stylist, creates a cohesive style for the entire day. The mood board and colour palette that we get from a stylist, is a massive help to us in creating stationery that suits the wedding style.

Q.  What do you love to do in your spare time?

A.  Eat! No seriously I am a foodie, so cooking or going on food adventures and I also volunteer my time or skills. 

Q.  Where do you find your inspiration Lala?

A.  This may sound cheesy, but from the couple. I ask about them as a couple, their style and what they want their guests to say about their wedding after it. I also love taking inspo from interior design trends.

Q. Lala, what piece of advice would you like to give to newly engaged couples?

A. I’m glad you asked this! I have 2 pieces of advice to give; Firstly, you do you. People come to your wedding to celebrate you as a couple, infuse it with as much about you both as you can.
And secondly, don’t be afraid to over-plan and be over the top organised! There is so much to do, and time can slip away. Really good vendors book out fast, start talking to your dream list of vendors – yesterday.

Q.  And finally, do you have a motto that you live by? Random question, but might get some interesting inspo!

A.  Yes I do and it’s tattooed on my wrist  – “ I can and I will”.  It’s simple, short and effective for me when I feel overwhelmed by what is in front of me.

A huge thank you to Lala from Lala Design! If you’re searching for a fabulous stationer for your wedding or business stationery, then top of your list should be the Stationery Queen herself – Lala!

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