Lose the stress of wedding planning!

Without a doubt, your wedding day will be one of the most glorious and exciting days of your life.  You may have dreamed about it since you were a little girl, and the mere mention of it may bring a tear to your parents’ eyes.  You’ve spent such a long time organizing all the small and large details and the day is getting closer and closer.  The final weeks leading up to your wedding day can be really stressful and sometimes it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This is the point where we can step in.  Let us make sure that every day leading up to your wedding is magical and that you’re feeling fresh and relaxed on your wedding day.

Everyone wants to spend time with you as your wedding day draws near.  You’ll have family and friends arriving for the big day who will want to see you, your bridal party will arrange some pre-wedding adventures, and who knows when you can fit in drinks with your work colleagues!  Add to this the multitude of phone calls and emails you have to attend to, just to make sure that your wedding day runs smoothly and your ceremony and reception look amazing.  Have you made all final payments? Will your flowers arrive at the right time?  What time should your cars pick you up?  Will you have time to fit in a manicure and massage before your wedding day?

The Original Wedding Company has planned weddings since 2006.  As experienced wedding planners in Perth, we know the elements which go together to make a stress-free time for the beautiful bride and her family.  Lots of women enjoy the challenge of planning their own wedding, but value professional help in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Let us give you back some time to spend with your family and friends.  Our Four Week Bridal Rescue Package gives you piece of mind that all the final details have been considered and confirmed while you are relaxing with your hubby-to-be.  We will contact all suppliers and prepare a running sheet for your wedding day. We will make sure that each supplier knows where they have to be and when. We provide you with a list of final payments to be made, so nothing is left out. We’ll go through your wedding plans in minute detail and ensure nothing has been forgotten.  We will oversee the set up of your ceremony and reception so you don’t have to.

We welcome you to contact us at info@originalwedding.com.au or call us on 08 92288143 to discuss how we can help you have a fun and relaxing wedding experience.  We’d love you to make an appointment to visit our office so we can listen to your plans so far, and chat about how we can help.

For an investment of $2490, we can ensure that you have a wonderful wedding experience and a fabulous wedding day.  Call us to arrange a chat today 🙂