A luxury wedding in the Swan Valley - Angel and Jeffrey

There’s no greater compliment than being asked to style two weddings in the same family. Only two years prior, we styled Angel’s parents’ wedding and every minute of it was amazing! When news from Angel and Jeffrey about their wedding landed in our inbox, we were so happy to be working with this beautiful family again.

What was even more exciting, was that Angel’s taste was quite different from her mum’s. Whereas Angel’s mum loved a palette of lilac, mauve, amethyst and plum, Angel was more aligned to pale pinks and lighter tones.

At the very beginning of our design process, we spend a bit of time getting to know our couple. We want to know the design elements that bring our couple joy. We consider questions like what does their house look like? Where do they like to spend their time? How do they want their guests to feel?

Although they had invited over 200 guests, Angel and Jeffrey are quite quiet and private people. A traditional bridal table just didn’t fit the bill. We wanted then to be surrounded by their family and friends, without feeling like they were on display. From the very beginning of the design process, we put the whole bridal party on a round table, in the centre of the room, on top of a round stage. We wanted to give Angel and Jeffrey the sense of having a dinner party with their closest friends, whilst still having the VIP position in the room. Every other part of the design grew from this central circular bridal table.

Beautiful big fluffy blooms were at the top of Angel’s wish list, and we prayed to the flower gods to supply us with an abundance of peonies and our prayers were answered. We constructed a 3 tiered circular floral hanging over the bridal table, and filled the guest tables with fresh flowers in soft pinks and fresh foliage.

The guest experience was paramount for Angel and Jeffrey, and their comfort and enjoyment were considered in all aspects of the table design. A hand-dyed ribbon bound each napkin – sealed with a monogrammed wax seal. Gold cutlery and crystal glass wear added to the guest experience.

We covered the ceiling in lights, and brought in some luxe lounge settings to bring in that cosy winter feel for later in the evening.  It really was a perfect day x

Thanks to the amazing Ben Yew for his gorgeous images xs’

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