Top 5 Tips on Including Family and Friends

If you’re recently engaged – CONGRATULATIONS!! This must be one of the most exciting times of your life! I’m guessing that from the moment you said ‘YES!!’ your mind has been racing and offers of help have been forthcoming from friends and family. From our experience, you’ll need to be prepared to listen to lots of well-meant advice on what you should do and who you should book, and it can feel quite over-whelming.

Making sure your voice is heard, without offending your nearest and dearest can be hard, so we’ve put together 5 tips to help keep the relationships smooth and productive.

Here are our top 5 Tips on keeping family and friends happy;

  1.  Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

The most effective way to delegate tasks throughout the planning process knowing the things that you aren’t good at think about whether a friend or family member can help. Perhaps your handwriting is a bit scratchy, but your aunt does calligraphy. Guess who is perfect to address your invitation envelopes! Maybe you dread reading through all the long and boring vendor contracts, but your sister is a lawyer. Guess who is perfect to help you navigate the T and Cs!

2.  Wedding Shopping

There are more shopping trips than just the dress shopping! Select the most suitable friends and family members to take with you to buy bridesmaid dresses, suits, jewelry and accessories, shoes, robes, family/bridal party gifts, wedding favours, cake knife, the list goes on! You might send the boys to look at hire cars, or you might take your parents to look at the hotel you are considering for your bridal prep or wedding night.

3.  Key Meetings

There are certain vendor meetings that you might like to invite your parents to. These include your venue meetings, menu tastings and styling concept or floral meeting. If you engage a wedding planner, you might also like to invite them to any budget meetings (especially if they’re contributing), and your runsheet meeting. We certainly like to meet the parents before the big day!

4.  Other Events

There are numerous events surrounding your wedding day that can be completely organised by family and friends! In the lead-up you may have an engagement party, a kitchen tea, a bridal shower, a hen’s night, buck’s night or a pamper day the week of the wedding. You may have other wedding events to consider such as Gate Crash Games, Tea Ceremony, Sangeet, Jaggo, Bedekin, Tisch, Rehearsal Dinner or recovery brunch the following day!

5.  Song Selection

Selecting certain songs to be played for formalities might come easily to some, but for others this is a rather daunting task! It’s great to get the input of family and friends here. They may remind you of songs that have significant meeting or come up with the perfect silly song to intro the best man speech. Your dad might have a song he has always imagined you dancing to for your father daughter dance. They can also ensure that certain songs make it to your ‘favourite songs’ list that will guarantee all generations hit the dancefloor!  

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