Top 10 Tips For Planning Your Wedding on a Private Property

Have you always dreamed of having your wedding at home? Does you family own farmland with the most amazing views, or does Uncle Bob own a house by the ocean with a tennis court big enough for a marquee? Perhaps your parents’ back garden is perfect to host your wedding reception.

Hosting your wedding at a private property certainly has its appeal, and to be honest they are our favorite type of wedding! The vibe for the day is somehow elevated with the knowledge that you have chosen every aspect of the design without the restrictions and guidelines of a venue.

Here are our top 10 tips to host a private property wedding with ease:

  1. Power

Do you know how much power you will need? Think of all the vendors that will require power – this might include the caterer, cool room, lighting, DJ/band, toilets and photobooth. Be sure that they each confirm how many amps are required, and that you are confident you can provide ample power. We will always recommend hiring silent generators. It never hurts to have a backup…

  1. Water

This one is often overlooked! External bathroom facilities will need to be connected to water, and your catering and bar team are likely to need running water. Your hired plates and glassware may need to be rinsed at the end of the night, and in some cases, you may even need to plumb in a dishwasher. Do not forget to have drinking water available for your guests too!

  1. Bathrooms

If there’s a house on the property, you’ll have at least one bathroom, but do you really want all your guests going inside? Will one toilet will be enough? Consider hiring a VIP toilet trailer for the event. Make sure it is on-site for the set up and pack down of the event too – you could have 20 plus vendors involved, and chances are they will need to go at some point! The convenience of a VIP unit means that the bathroom facilities are all taken care of, and all you need to do is add a bunch of flowers and a candle.

  1. Access

This is a big one. Especially if you are having a marquee! There will be multiple vehicles accessing the property during set up – including large trucks. Are there multiple access points to the property, or do you just have the one driveway? One access point means that it is crucial that every element of the set up and pack down is timed so that each vendor can complete their job efficiently. Then there are the guests. Where will they park? Will they arrive on a bus and will the bus need somewhere to turn around? If you have one driveway, this needs to be kept clear all night, as some vendors and staff members will likely be leaving part way through the evening.  Always perform a site visit with your marquee and catering company so they know what to expect.

  1. Staffing

When you have your reception at a wedding venue, you will have a long list of staff included in your venue hire. This will include, at a minimum, an event coordinator, a banquet manager, set up staff, wait staff, bar staff, chefs, dishwashers, and cleaners. These people are crucial to ensure a smooth-running event, and you will still need these people even if you are at a private property. Your caterer will be able to assist with this. 

  1. Security

Especially for events of over 100 people, we recommend having security at all access points. If you have a house on the property make sure the contents of the house are secure. Your catering team may be accessing the kitchen, and your front door may need to be left unlocked for access. If you live in a residential area, do not leave anything to chance. If your reception is being held where the general public can see it, and access it, you may also need security overnight to ensure that any furniture and equipment due to be collected the following morning is looked after. If you don’t have a marquee,  furniture will either need to be collected at the conclusion of the event or moved undercover so that it is not exposed to rain or damp.

  1. Clean up

This one is often overlooked too! The last thing you want to be doing the next morning is cleaning up. Make sure staff are rostered on for at least an hour after the event has finished to do a general clean up and pack hired equipment away. You will be surprised how many glasses are found in bushes, hidden in plant pots and behind walls! Make sure you have ample rubbish disposal facilities, It is a good idea to hire a recycle skip bin as you will have a lot of glass and cardboard to dispose of. 

  1. Neighbours

Consider your neighbors if you have any. Let them know well in advance, and give them some idea of what time you plan to finish, and what parking facilities you are providing so they can be rest assured they will still be able to access their own home! We also recommend letting the local police know so that they have a heads up that there will be a gathering of people and loud music that night.

  1. Money

“Oh, we’re having a wedding at home to save money”. We hear this all the time and it simply is not true. Consider all the things we have mentioned so far, and the extra costs that need to be included in your wedding budget. On top of this you will need to factor in furniture and equipment hire that would potentially be included with a venue hire.

  1. Hire a Professional

There are a lot of moving parts to consider, and the last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is worrying about all the logistics! Engage a professional right from the start who can manage all these things for you. If you think you need help with your private property wedding, contact us today!

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