Who needs a Wedding Day Coordinator Anyway??

Phew! Everything is booked for your big day. Deposits have been paid, booking agreements signed and you’ve got a pretty good idea of how your wedding day will run. Your ‘to do’ list should all be crossed off. Pretty good feeling! Next question is ‘who is going to be in charge on your wedding day?’ So many hours go into planning a wedding day, leaving many brides feeling they need to be there at the ceremony and reception venue making sure that their carefully drawn up plans are executed to perfection.

The reality is that brides should be completely spoiled on their wedding day, as should their mums and bridal party. This is where a Wedding Day Coordinator can be quite handy! We can set up both your ceremony and reception, make sure your cake is put in the right spot, help the bridal party to be ready on time, direct your guests on where they have to go…. the list is endless. We meet with you a week or so prior to your wedding day and put together a list of tasks for us to make your wedding day relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.

Wedding Coordinator Perth

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We’ve  chatted with a few of our recent brides who engaged us for Wedding Day Coordination and sought their feedback on their wedding day experience;

Amy and Steve – 23rd November 2013

Steve and I both work full time. As the big date got closer we found it quite challenging to communicate effectively and promptly with so many different vendors on top of continuing to work. We also found that planning the wedding had started to become stressful for us both and we didn’t want it to be that way, we thought that hiring a wedding coordinator would help us feel more excited and less stressful about the wedding planning process.
Being able to communicate all our wedding needs through one person who would then communicate with all our chosen vendors was a huge benefit to us. Whenever I had questions, big or small, I would just email Chloe who would then do all the ground work for me and provide me with all my answers. Chloe would always respond promptly too which we really appreciated. There’s enough for the bride and groom to think about on their wedding day while also trying to enjoy every moment of it. Knowing that we had someone overseeing the events of the day was very reassuring, and not just anyone but someone who knew how weddings work, how they should run, and had ‘wedding trouble-shooting’ experience if required!
Your wedding day is over in the blink of an eye and you want to be able to enjoy every second of it; having a wedding coordinator takes away so much of the stress, some of which you didn’t even realize until the actual day.

Tessa and Remi – 3rd January 2014

Thanks again for all your help on Jan 3 and for your hard work leading up to the big day. It really put our collective minds at ease knowing that you were there sorting out all the finer details. We didn’t want to be worrying about things throughout the wedding day, nor did I want my family or friends having to help with setting things up on the day, or trouble-shooting throughout the day if anything went wrong.
The girls at The Original Wedding Company had a great sense of the kind of style that we wanted for our wedding. They were enthusiastic about our ideas and helped bring them to life. They were very open and organised, and that made me feel confident in their abilities. Having them on board meant that we could have everything organised well ahead of time, and that there was no stress on the wedding day as they were taking care of everything – even the finer details.

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