Winter Wedding Advice


If you’re getting married in Perth within the next few months, it’s probably crossed your mind that it could rain or be cold on your wedding day. Let’s be real – it’s winter so it’s going to be chilly and possibly wet!

We’ve picked a few things for you to think about, to help reduce your stress and keep everyone warm and cosy.

Allow extra travel time – wet roads and rain can mean slower traffic and delays. Reduce your stress on your wedding day by allowing extra time.  Best to get to your ceremony early and be  fresh and relaxed rather than feeling stressed and rushed because you are late.  If it turns out that there is no rain, then you have the bonus of extra time to freshen up!

Dress up the occasion – who doesn’t love white fur or faux fur wrap? As most wedding dresses are strapless or sleeveless, the addition of a cape or a shrug can be dramatic.  Add a bit of glamour to your attire with a vibrant red wrap!

Keep your guests wrapped up – your guests may or may not have dressed for a winter wedding.  Give them that warm and fuzzy feeling by providing baskets of cosy wraps and warm rugs.  They’ll party longer if they are feeling warm!

Warming winter drinks – we adore an iced fruity cocktail, but on a cold winter’s evening we’d much prefer a steaming irish coffee, mulled wine or a hot cider – or maybe all three!